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Horseman Trailer Sales

What We Do

Whether you’re embarking on a journey to the grand stage, venturing down the untamed trail, or making that all-important visit to the vet, our mission is to ensure both you and your majestic companions arrive at your destination in utmost safety and style. Here at Horseman Trailer Sales, we proudly offer an exquisite selection of horse, stock, and cargo trailers tailored to your needs.

a small wooden sign on the fence of a round pen with a line of horse trailers in the distance.

Finance Your Next Trailer with Us!

Finance your next trailer with us through Marine Credit Union. Ask about it at your next visit!

Hawk Trailers

Hawk trailers designs and manufactures high-quality horse trailers known for their construction, function, and lasting value.  

Titan Trailers

Titan trailers designs and manufactures quality horse trailers known for their rigid construction, and value.

CornPro Trailers

Corn Pro trailers provide rock solid transportation, reasonably priced.

Used Trailers

Used trailers can be available from a variety of brands, inventory changes often. (Similar to the ones pictured!)