Pre-trip check list

1: Check ball on ball mount (bumper hitch) or on gooseneck plate for tightness, security and proper fit.

2: Check coupler on trailer to ensure it is locked into its closed
position around the hitch ball.

3: Connect and check security of safety chains and break-a-way system.

4: Insert trailer plug into truck connector plug.
A: Check all lights, correct if necessary
B: Check brake system , ensure proper operation, correct if necessary

5: Inspect tires, ( tread, air pressure, cracking, etc. )

6: Inspect spare tire as well

7: Check all lug nuts, insure proper tightness

8: Inspect floor for weak spots ( wood, metal or aluminum )

9: Inspect tie loops and trailer ties for security and strength

10: Adjust roof vents and windows for proper ventilation

11: Check all partitions & posts to ensure they are secure

12: When needed, open escape door(s) for quick exit

13: Load animals with proper safety protection equipment
(wraps, blanket, etc. )

14: Ensure all doors are closed and securely fastened

15: Re-check coupler and power cord !

16: Inspect tow vehicle ( tires, brakes, oil, transmission fluid, etc. ) Be certain it will get you and your horses safely down the road.